We help our clients gain fresh perspectives.


Photo composite  by Susie Cushner

You know your business and the competition. You have a vision for where you’re headed. You have a good sense of how people will react to what you’re marketing. But it’s easy to get too close to something to see it for what it truly is—or recognize that others may see it differently.

Sometimes you need a partner who can gather and evaluate other points of view.

We make a difference in how you see yourself, generating insights that help you create more:


✓ Remarkable products


✓ Distinctive brands


✓ Compelling communications


✓ Attractive packaging


✓ Engaged customers


✓ Immersive shopping experiences


✓ Meaningful internal dialogue







Marketing Research






Quali-Quant (the research equivalent of a Labradoodle, but not quite as cute)


Full service or just moderating


In person or online


Ideation Facilitation


Creative Development


Strategic Counsel


Public Speaking


Panel Moderating










We become trusted partners with our clients, whether they’re brand managers, insights directors, creative directors, marketing VPs or C-level executives.


Our clients include a mix of creative agencies, marketers and international research companies. Some are U.S.-based, some come from overseas for perspective on the U.S. market.


From commodities to luxury goods, we help companies in a wide range of categories, including food & beverage, health & beauty, sports & entertainment, automotive, consumer electronics and more...




Some brands we’ve worked on...






We believe that empathy is the key to understanding and connecting—with you as well as your customers.


We put research in its place: in the service of your marketing objectives.


We know you know your business. We also know there may be perspectives you haven’t fully considered.


We can embrace paradox and inconsistency.


We make it fun.


...all of this may have something to do with the founder’s background in law and comedy (mostly the comedy)...



Meet Marc...

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