Sometimes you need to go out of focus to get into focus. Not thinking directly about a problem can unleash a flurry of creative solutions... especially when you play.  That's why I developed Out of Focus Groups™.


It's an approach that integrates traditional ideation and the arts, specifically improvisational theatre. I leverage what I learned performing in improv & sketch troupes with Kristen Wiig and partner with an improv teacher who trained with Amy Poehler.  We help liberate the creativity of  participants, to access thoughts and feelings relegated to the recesses of the mind. These players may be consumers, employees, partners, brand guardians or other key stakeholders, often outside the primary business who can offer unique perspectives.


The creativity that emerges when people are willing to let down their guards and get out of their heads is remarkable.  Not only are Out of Focus Groups engaging and productive, they are more fun than a day at work should be.



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Photo by Marc Engel

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